The Paniolo Hall of Fame was initiated by the O`ahu Cattlemen’s

Association in 1999 to recognize yesterday’s and today’s paniolo

statewide who have contributed to keeping Hawai`i’s paniolo

heritage alive, and to honor those who made the paniolo culture



Now in its 16th year, including our 2015 inductees, there are 137

members, both living and deceased, in the Paniolo Hall of Fame.

All of the islands are represented by its members. 


All of these paniolo are selected through a nomination process. 

The O`ahu Cattlemen’s Association mails out the criteria and

nomination forms annually.  Anyone may request and submit a

nomination form. 


The Paniolo Hall of Fame presently consists of photo portraits,

short biographies and oral history interviews.  The portrait exhibit

has been on display at Honolulu Hale (City Hall), at the Annual

Statewide Paniolo Festival, at the Hawaii Cattlemen’s Council

annual meeting, at Parker Ranch Museum, the Hawaii State Library

and numerous events and venues on all the islands.  It continues

to circulate to various locations statewide and may be requested

by contacting OCA. The Paniolo Hall of Fame is on permanent display at the Paniolo Preservation Society’s museum at Pukalani Stables, Waimea Hawaii.


Hawai`i’s surviving paniolo are among the last of a long and

colorful chapter in Hawai’`i’s history that should be preserved.

With the interviews included in this book, The Paniolo Hall of

Fame Oral History project presently consists of 62 completed

interviews with living Paniolo Hall of Fame members.

The objective of the interview project is to capture and record the

life stories of as many paniolo as possible, before they are lost to

future generations. The Oral History project will continue into

future years, as long as OCA is able to maintain it.  Contributions

from businesses, individuals and foundations are making this

project possible.


The published interviews are available for purchase from OCA,

and are also accessible through the Hawai`i State Library System. 

They may also be seen online at:



The O`ahu Cattlemen’s Association is grateful for the cooperation

of the many paniolo scattered throughout these islands, their families,

and the many sponsors big and small, who have made the

Paniolo Hall of Fame possible.






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