Matson Temporary Suspension of Livestock Shipping

HCC is working with appropriate state agencies and companies to ensure the beef supply chain remains in tact during this time of uncertainty. Today, Matson made the difficult decision to temporarily suspend livestock shipments as a precaution against COVID19. This decision is to protect the health of their crew so that Matson can continue to transport goods to the islands. During this suspension, Matson will develop the appropriate protocols to once again allow stocktenders onto the ship without compromising the health of the crew so that they can resume livestock shipments. The target date to resume shipments is April 27, 2020. HCC will work to ensure livestock shipping resumes and is looking at multiple avenues. 

Below is a copy of Matson's notice to customers

March 20, 2020   

Subject: Temporary Suspension of Livestock Shipments   

Dear Matson Customer,   Please be advised that, effective immediately, Matson is implementing a temporary pause in livestock shipments in order to reduce risk of virus exposure to our vessel crews.   Animal welfare is dependent on stock tenders who must accompany livestock each voyage. Because both stock tenders and Matson are adhering to recommendations regarding social distancing and travel limits, Matson is unable to accommodate stock tender assignments at this time. Vessel crew safety, minimizing risk of exposure or the transmission of COVID-19, and continuous Hawaii service are Matson’s current priorities. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this brief hiatus of livestock shipments.   If you have any questions, please contact your local Matson representative.   

 Thank you for shipping with Matson.