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Maintaining the Many Societal Benefits of Rangelands: The Case of Hawaiʻi

This paper is authored by subject matter experts on culture, soil health, diversity, carbon sequestration, water, fire, and invasive species and outlines the benefits of well-managed rangelands. Ranchers play an important role in stewarding the land and ensuring that these ecosystem services benefit the community.

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Invasive Species - Twolined Spittlebug

"This is not a rancher problem, it's a statewide problem" - Dr. Mark Thorne 

 Ranchers are at the forefront of this invasive species that has the ability to change landscapes on a large scale. Researchers are looking for Twolined Spittlebug resistant grasses that are still a high quality forage. Learn more at the TWOLINED SPITTLEBUG WEBPAGE.

Hawaii Grass-fed Beef Quality Standards

A profile of local beef and framework for grading pasture-raised, grass-fed beef

The purpose of this project, funded by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture, is to determine an initial framework for the quality standards to protect the integrity of Hawaii pasture-raised, grass-fed beef industry. The series of surveys is an initial audit and assessment of needs and is a critical first step in determining the basis for a grass-fed beef grading program.