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We all have a stake in how Hawaii's open space rangeland is managed. Hawaii rangeland contributes to our quality of life and broader community through watershed enhancement, carbon sequestration, habitat preservation, wildfire mitigation, noxious weed control, scenic beauty, and preserving cultural values. 

Our Foundation offers the community an opportunity to support the funding of a broad variety of educational, research, and outreach programs targeted at bringing together the best of resource and industry management expertise, science, and those who are the boots on the ground.

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Since the time of Kamehameha III, Hawaii’s paniolo have been managing vast tracts of rangelands across the Hawaiian Islands. That legacy continues today, and through it so too are the traditions of conservation, culture, land stewardship, local enterprise and locally grown food. Rangeland managers, primarily ranchers, are the stewards of over 750,000 acres of land in Hawaii, or 20% of the State’s total land mass. Well-managed rangelands provide valuable ecosystem services at no direct cost to the general public through the daily prudent stewardship of these natural resources. Unfortunately, a growing segment of Hawaii’s community may be losing the vital connection between their food, the land and important community benefits that flow from these rangelands. There often exists a misperception that ranching and rangeland management is inconsistent with sustainable resource conservation and responsible land stewardship.

Our Mission

Perpetuating Hawaii’s rangelands through sound land stewardship, thereby preserving open space, supporting local food production, and promoting enhanced eco-system services attributable to Hawaii’s rangelands through education and advocacy.

Our Story

Founded in 2014, the Hawaii Rangeland Stewardship Foundation (HRSF), through its charitable and educational activities, provides support for Hawaii’s grazing and rangeland stakeholders. HRSF exists to strengthen rangeland prosperity through education and advocacy of the contributions the grazing, and particularly, the cattle industry in Hawaii make daily to our rangelands, our economy and the perpetuation of the culture and lifestyle historically associated with these lands. Its partners include the Hawaii Cattlemen’s Council (HCC), Hawaii Grazing Lands Coalition (HGLC) and the Hawaii Beef Industry Council (HBIC), with each partner focusing on supporting individual segments and projects which affect the viability of Hawaii’s rangelands.

HCC, whose member ranchers represent over 60,000 head of beef cows which is morethan 75% of all the beef cows in the State, focus on stewardship education for ranchers,land managers and conservationists. HCC also provides industry support through marketdevelopment, communications and state and federal regulatory support.

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HGLC seeks to provide guidance and leadership to the landowners, land users, and thegrazing industry in general, with respect to the sound and wise use and management ofall Hawaii’s grazing lands. Through stewardship education like grazing workshops anddemonstrations, they provide cutting edge techniques to ranchers in Hawaii regarding soilhealth, water resource management and pasture health.

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HBIC provides market support by driving demand for beef through promotion, educationand research. HBIC is the qualified state beef council for Hawaii, which oversee the collectionand disbursement of Beef Checkoff funds provided by ranchers. Their activities are largelypromotional including providing beef taste samples, informational booth displays at agriculturalevents and providing educational support for ranchers which focus on the low-stress handling ofcattle through continuing education and the Beef Quality Assurance program.

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HCF benefits and supports all segments of the cattle industry in Hawaii. This includes organizations, individuals, adults, and youth, local or export focused and other related interests. The development of human capital, as well as the cattle industry in its broadest terms are essential to the success of our industry in Hawaii.

How to make a contribution or gift to HRSF

For more information about Hawaii Rangeland Stewardship Foundation, and how gifts can be made, contact:

Hawaii Rangeland Stewardship Foundation
P.O. Box 456, Kamuela, HI 96743

Phone: (808) 333-6755 | [email protected] 

Charitable Contributions and Gifts to the Hawaii Rangelands Stewardship Foundation, a 501(C)3 are tax deductible as charitable contributions for Federal Income Tax Purposes.  Please consult your tax advisor