2021-2022 Officers 


James Gomes

Vice President

John Morgan


Alan Gottlieb

Immediate Past President

Keith Unger

Major Committees

Animal Health & Well Being

This committee works with our producers and processors to ensure ethical and humane handling of the animals within our care.

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This committee works to ensure the viability of the organization for future generations.

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Government Affairs

This committee provides advocacy on substantive issues such as Environmental Regulations; Property Rights & Tax Issues through productive professional relationships with state elected officials and government agencies.

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Land & Water Issues

This committee provides advocacy in environmental issues including Critical Habitat, Endangered Species Act, and the management of our natural resources and ecosystem services that our industry provides to the general public.

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This committee has taken an active role in increasing demand for local beef through in-store demonstrations, cookouts and other public events to inform and educate consumers.

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This committee is working to provide for an increase in our member base focusing on ALL ranchers, as well as associate & younger generations. In addition, they serve to provide educational opportunities for our members including our Annual Meeting and Convention.

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This committee provides advocacy regarding transportation practices and has been instrumental in the development of a transportation system that allows ranchers to ship their cattle as efficiently and humanely as possible.

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