Transferring Ag Lands from DLNR to HDOA

livestock wala'au - CTAHR podcast

Hear from a couple of rancher who  have been stewarding the land and waiting for the transfer of their leases to HDOA

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The need to move ag lands out from dlnr and into the ag department

After the 2021 legislative session, the Hawaii Cattlemen's Council continues to advocate for the transfer of leases

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Support Agriculture with action, not just words

After the 2020 legislative session, the Hawaii Cattlemen's Council wrote an Op-Ed in the Civil Beat's IDEAS section

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Hawaii ranchers want state agency to transfer more eligible land

"Those who want land to be transferred, however, have argued that an underfunded DLNR hasn’t been effective at conservation efforts on land already set aside for that purpose."

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Twolined Spittlebug

Hawaii News now

July 17, 2021, researchers and ranchers were on Hawaii News Now to alert the public about the Twolined Spittlebug

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July 17, 2021, researchers and ranchers were on KHON2 news to share the issues around the Twolined Spittlebug

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Twolined Spittlebug Webpage

The Hawaii Cattlemen's Council Twolined Spittlebug subcommittee is comprised of researchers and ranchers who are working together to address this top issue. Visit the website to learn more about TLSB.

tLSB Website

Listen to the radio spot on Bayer's Sustaining Hawaii to learn about the Twolined Spittlebug and the Hawaii Rangeland Stewardship Foundation.

Cattle and the Environment

a response to A climate for change, ketchup and M&Ms

The Hawaii News Now docuseries, A Climate for Change, attempted to address the state's need to prepare in a crisis. However, the documentary took a turn against the beef industry. Bryan Mayer responds to their unfounded claims on his blog

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Olelo Island Focus

Managing Director, Nicole Galase, speaks with Lyla Berg on Olelo's Island Focus. She shares how ranchers are true stewards of the land, and the importance of fulfilling Act 90 SLH 2003 to transfer agricultural lands from DLNR to HDOA.