Prepping for the 2023 Legislative Session

The Hawaii Cattlemen's Council is a grassroots organization, which means we need to hear from you, our members. If you have legislative topics that HCC should pursue as a priority, please fill out the form below so that we can start preparing.

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Representing Our Industry At The State Capitol

Each year, cattlemen represent their county and their operations during HCC's Cattlemen at the Capitol event. Their message is ever-changing like their industry and the critical challenges it faces. They have always been well received and are able to provide their specific experiences and share how the measures before the legislature will affect their operations. 

Cattlemen at the Capitol - 2015

Cattlemen at the Capitol - 2016

Cattlemen at the Capitol - 2017

Representing Our Industry On Capitol Hill

Each year, Hawaii Cattlemen's Council participates in NCBA's Young Cattlemen's Council (YCC). NCBA’s YCC program is an opportunity for these young leaders to gain an understanding of the beef industry from pasture to plate. The YCC program also serves as a showcase for NCBA’s involvement in policy making, issues management, research, education and marketing. With the beef industry changing rapidly, identifying and educating leaders has never been more important. As a grassroots trade association representing the entire beef industry, NCBA is proud to play a role in that process and its future success. More than 1,000 cattlemen and women have graduated from the YCC program since its inception in 1980. Many of these alumni have gone to serve in leadership positions on state and national committees, councils and boards. 

If you are interested in representing Hawaii in the YCC program, please contact our office.