Two-Lined Spittlebug Alert

The Two-Lined Spittlebug was discovered in Kona late 2016 in upper-elevation Hualalai. Researchers are extremely worried that the spittle bug could be transported to the iconic pastures of Kohala and Hamakua. Kikuyu grass is the primary forage in many of these places, and a TLSB introduction could devastate the cattle industry and significantly change the character of the landscape. In 2021, HCC successfully proposed legislation for funding to continue research and aid negatively impacted ranches and will continue to work with the Department of Agriculture.

Visit the Twolined Spittlebug Website

Land & Water Issues Committee

This committee provides advocacy in environmental issues including Critical Habitat, Endangered Species Act, and the management of our natural resources and ecosystem services that our industry provides to the general public. 

Ranchers provide many Ecosystem Services while caring for our natural resources, both land and water. These services are provided to residents and guests visiting Hawaii. 

  • Promoting Conservation Practices
  • Invasive Species Control
  • Carbon Sequestration
  • Providing View Planes
  • Protecting Green Space
  • Promoting Best Grazing Practices
  • Protecting Our Watersheds
  • Protecting Native Species
  • Managing Critical Habitat