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While we have always respected and valued the individuality and independence of our fellow producers, we also understand the added effectiveness and strength that comes from working together, sharing information and technology, speaking with one voice in public forums, and ever more so to move and market our product cooperatively with our fellow ranchers.

Download our membership application form below. By joining, you become a member in your County's Island Association, the Statewide Hawaii Cattlemen's Council, and the National Cattlemen's Beef Association.

The Political Reality

HCC and NCBA need the broad support and involvement of ALL cattle producers because our policy makers (politicians) count votes, and neither acres nor cattle vote. Cattle producers and those who support and service our industry do. The more members an organization has, the more political clout it carries. That’s why a member with one head of cattle is as important as a member with 10,000 head.

Over 2/3 of our members have less than 100 head of cattle!

Sadly, most policy makers are influenced more by how many votes a group has rather than the merit to their position. Therefore an organization’s membership numbers influences policy makers.

As a member of HCC and NCBA you are part of a respected group instead of an individual vying for the attention of the policy makers. As Cattlemen, we have always had more than our share of opposition and challenges, whether directed toward our perceived land use practices and stewardship or the true value, safety and quality of the beef we produce. Gradually, however, the playing field is shifting. The need to preserve our historic rangelands for their ecosystem service values and cultural legacy is increasingly more appreciated. The nutritional qualities of beef as a part of a healthy, balanced diet are more broadly recognized. The safety of our food chain is better understood. But, the opposition will always be there, well funded and with all the political muscle it can muster. So we must continue our efforts.

The cattle industry must work together to be sure our interests are protected and our voice is heard. NCBA maintains an office in Washington D.C. to be sure our positions are well understood and that favorable legislation is supported. Locally through HCC’s Legislative Committee and our partnership with the Hawaii Farm Bureau Federation, we constantly strive to be similarly effective at the state and local level.

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There are two ways to become a member - use our online form, or print and mail in the paper form. For Producer Members, “head of cattle” is defined as “all weaned cattle owned or pastured in Hawaii.” Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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