Nomination Criteria

2024 Nominations are now CLOSED - 2025 nominations will open Jan 1, 2025

The purpose of the Paniolo Hall of Fame is to recognize individuals for their part in perpetuating the ranching industry in Hawaii, and for their unique contributions to our Paniolo culture and heritage.

Nominees must be 55 years of age or older. (Please note: At this time, preference is being given to the older generation – those who are now in their 70’s and 80’s. Also, deceased persons may be nominated.)

Must qualify for at least one of the following categories:

  • Founder: Someone who established and/or maintained a cattle ranching operation in Hawaii that contributed to perpetuating the ranchingindustry and paniolo culture.
  • Ranch Manager: Someone who has managed the livestock, business and personnel aspects of a cattle ranching operation in Hawaii.
  • Ranch Hand: Someone who was or is a working paniolo, wrangler, livestock handler or all around hand on a Hawaii cattle ranch.

There are many nominations and few openings, so please provide the committee with detailed and factual information about your nominee so that he/she can be considered.

NOMINATORS: You will be responsible for helping the selection committee to contact nominees (if living) or their families (if deceased) and for helping the committee to obtain information about and photographs of your nominee. Nominees (if living) and/or their families (if deceased) as well as Nominators should also be prepared to travel to the induction ceremony on the Big Island next year.