This section contains resources for graziers. It includes information on forage quality, stocking rates, grazing systems, and many other resources to help you manage your grazing land ecosystems.

Invasive Plant Fact Sheets by NRCS:

Information from other partners/providers:

Hawaii Drought Monitor

Tropical Forages (Australian website)

Foraging Behavior, Dr. Fred Provenza

Animal Nutrition Balancer, in cooperation with Texas A&M

Hawaii Department of Agriculture

Hawaii Department of Land & Natural Resources

Hawaii Department of Forestry & Wildlife

Agroforestry Guides for the Pacific Islands

Ecosystem Services, USFS

Ranch Management Consultants, Inc., providers of the Ranching For Profit School and other valuable tools.

Land EKG, private contractor with excellent resources for monitoring grazing land conditions

Effects of Supplementation on Voluntary Forage Intake, Diet Digestibility, and Animal Performance

Beef Cattle Body Condition Scoring, from Elanco Animal Health.

Goat Body Condition Scoring Video, by An Peischel and Roger Ingram, Univ of CA Extension.

How to Fail at Ranching Without Hardly Trying, a commentary by Oklahoma rancher Walt Davis.

Global Rangelands and Rangelands West provide excellent info/education materials for ranchers in Hawaii and around the globe.

Information for those interested in diversifying your grazing lands enterprise and products:

Hawaii Horticulture Blog, featuring horticultural information by Dr. Gregory Koob.